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COOPH launches the Field Jacket


Always running out of space when you're out in the field? Don't want to carry around a heavy backpack every time you go on a photo mission, or do you want to blend into the urban environment while capturing life as it is? Then the COOPH Field Jacket is what you're looking for. 

The COOPH Field Jacket is sown in such a way that it supports complete freedom of movement, keeping you perfectly comfortable, no matter what you’re shooting. Made from the iconic EtaProof® cotton fabric from Swiss weaving mill Stotz, a fabric originally created to protect British Hurricane Pilots during WWII from the harsh conditions of the Atlantic Ocean, the Field Jacket can withstand even the toughest weather. Thanks to a large amount of pockets, everything you need for your photo missions is always within arms reach.  

While the jacket is a light and breathable photo shoot companion, its appeal doesn’t end there. The Field Jacket also has a stylish, military-inspired design that makes it just as wearable on the town as it is chasing shots in the wild.

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A special cut ensures your comfortable, no matter what the conditions. 

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Carry your camera with you everywhere you go. 

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The Field Jacket features special pockets for different types of gear

Written by Richard Bos