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Meet Me in My Dreams


Analog photographer Mary Anne Mitchell was a recent finalist in the 8th Edition of the Julia Margaret Cameron Awards and will be exhibiting this fall in the 4th Biennial of Photography, held in Berlin. Meet Me in My Dreams, her wet plate series, is based on a poem written by the artist. The imagery is predominately made up of images that speak to family, memory and the ethereal passage of time.

COOPH Mary Mitchell 001


COOPH Mary Mitchell 002

Haunted Melody 

COOPH Mary Mitchell 003

In loving memory of Annette Funicello

COOPH Mary Mitchell 004

Lonesome Falls

COOPH Mary Mitchell 005

Mirror Mirror 

COOPH Mary Mitchell 006

Play On

COOPH Mary Mitchell 007


COOPH Mary Mitchell 008

Rorschach Girls 

Written by Rowynn Dumont

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