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Stay comfortable while on the move


The Big Pocket Shirt is COOPH’s take on modern functionality when it comes to photography apparel. Combining urban style with a rugged fabric and adding a host of photo friendly features, the Big Pocket shirt will keep you comfortable and organised while you’re out shooting.

Several large pockets on the front of the shirt make for easy accessibility when it comes to carrying accessories, while the loop on the largest pocket allows you to attach your press or photo card. COOPH’s signature use of high-quality fabrics keeps you comfortable while travelling. 

Adding to the large pockets and the press pass loop, the Big Pocket shirt also features a lens cleaning cloth and buttonable roll-up sleeves to maximise mobility. Get your Big Pocket Shirt now at the COOPH Store now. 

CO Big Pocket Shirt DOUBLE ECLIPSE LR 0024
CO Big Pocket Shirt DOUBLE ECLIPSE LR 2055
CO Big Pocket Shirt THE HUNTER LR 0021
CO Big Pocket Shirt THE HUNTER LR 0024
CO Big Pocket Shirt THE HUNTER LR 0024

Written by Richard Bos

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