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Experiments With Highkey & Lowkey


Italian photographer Carlo Cafferini’s passion for photography goes hand in hand with his passion for architecture. However the photographer has been trying something different: “Recently I fell in love with a completely different genre: the fascinating world of highkey and lowkey.”

“I like to experiment and try new ways of post-processing: in highkey and lowkey works, I play with silhouettes and special conditions of light and some “tricks” allow me to obtain the desired results,” says Carlo.

Enjoy a selection of Carlo’s work below:

Carlo Cafferini COOPH A  i
Carlo Cafferini COOPH artificial-sun
Carlo Cafferini COOPH Bowed
Carlo Cafferini COOPH faceless-army
Carlo Cafferini COOPH From-darkness-to-light
Carlo Cafferini COOPH glimmer
Carlo Cafferini COOPH spectres
Carlo Cafferini COOPH the-fly

Written by Matthew Rycroft

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