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The Light From Above


In Reuben Wu's latest series Lux Noctis, the photographer uses GPS-enabled drones carrying lights to light up stunning landscapes. The result? Each image is a carefully-planned scene consisting of multiple lighting positions to produce a theatrically-lit composition. In this series, Reuben was able to not only produce moods of drama and tension through the use of chiaroscuro, but also had the ability to illuminate isolated features of a scene as well as exclude unwanted elements.

Enjoy a video and the final images below...

COOPH Reuben Wu 0001
COOPH Reuben Wu 0002
COOPH Reuben Wu 0003
COOPH Reuben Wu 0004
COOPH Reuben Wu 0005
COOPH Reuben Wu 0006
COOPH Reuben Wu 0007

Written by Matthew Rycroft

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