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A peek below the brim: The COOPH Photographer Hat by Mühlbauer


The new COOPH Photographer Hat by Mühlbauer is designed to keep photographers even cooler during those hot summer days. Providing you with excellent sun protection and a broad cotton sweatband, this versatile accessory is completely foldable for travel and comes with a flexible brim for shooting vertically. Available in three different colors and two sizes, you can get yours now at the COOPH Store.

You’ve now seen the finished product, but have you ever wondered how your favorite COOPH apparel is made? Here’s your chance. We partnered up with expert hat manufacturers Mühlbauer to produce the beautifully handcrafted Photographer Hat in central Vienna.

COOPH is proud to work with a manufacturer who shares our passion for functional yet stylish clothing, whilst maintaining such a close connection to tradition and quality. Founded in 1903, Mühlbauer Hats is a fourth-generation, family-run business with a heritage and reputation that is recognized far beyond the Austrian borders.

co 170414 muhlbauer hat factory lr 0893

Every hat is handmade at the Mühlbauer workshop in Vienna using traditional artisan methods. This does not only ensure the very best quality for the product but also provides every single hat with its own unique touch. Eager to know who made your hat? Just look at the tag and find out!

co 170414 muhlbauer hat factory lr 0090

Doesn’t quite look like your hat in this picture, does it? As one of the first steps, the raw material called the hat cone is placed on a wooden hat block and is affixed by hand. This is called plating.

co 170414 muhlbauer hat factory lr 0102

The hat is then dried in an oven. When finished, it will have taken its shape.

co 170414 muhlbauer hat factory lr 0208

The hat then moves to the trimming department, where it is decorated and stitched to fulfill all the rules of the craft.

co 170414 muhlbauer hat factory lr 0516

Once the basic structure is defined, details and tags are attached to the hat.

co 170414 muhlbauer hat factory lr 0551

In the final stages, the hat is trimmed to perfection and finally ready.

co 170414 muhlbauer hat factory lr 0573

Written by Michael Griessler