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COOPH’s New Year Bundle


Resolution means a lot to photographers, but for once we’re not thinking in terms of pixels. We’re talking about making moves and achieving goals. However big or small your New Year’s resolutions are, COOPH’s mission statement for 2017 remains as bold as ever. With hard work and a dash of creativity, we are committed to providing our fellow photographers with inspiring content and innovatively stylish apparel – all year round.

To celebrate a fresh start to 2017, we are excited to announce our New Year’s special deal. For just €99, you can get your hands on all three of our slogan T-shirts; ‘We just click’, ‘Frame the moment’ and ‘Don’t be negative’. Like they say, all good things come in threes. Head over to the COOPH Store now!  

CO T-Shirt Click LR Square 0001


CO T-Shirt Frame Background2 01IR


CO T-Shirt Dont Be LR square 0001


Order your bundle right now. It's as easy as going to the COOPH Store

Written by Fred Simmons