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Introducing new COOPH Master Yoshinori Mizutani


Inspired by the work of Robert Frank after finding his photo book in a vintage bookstore in Tokyo, Japan, Yoshinori Mizutani took his first steps into photography as a student. His intrigue with unique photos grew larger with every new photographer he discovered and soon, he started trying photography himself. 

Mizutani quickly found his own style, describing it as “a closer look at things that I face in my daily life and somehow affect me emotionally or make me think about things is a different way.” Now, at 28 years old, his approach to photography hasn’t changed. Even though his approach to different subject matters is unique, there is one constant in his work; achieving quality by quantity, meaning that he takes a lot of photographs to get that ‘one shot.’ Looking at his work, we would say this approach pays off. 

He’s extremely excited about the development of the photography industry as a whole, and says that COOPH fits right in the middle of it with the functional apparel, saying that it makes being out in the field far easier. When it comes to picking a favorite item, his choice is tied between two items. 

“I wear the ’Hoodie ORIGINAL' almost everyday. Hoodies are useful as you can wear them all year round, but this item is particularly my favourite as it comes with various pockets and a microfiber cloth to wipe cameras,” adding that the Field Jacket ORIGINAL, that was recently added to the COOPH collection, is also his favourite. 

“It is light and has multiple large pockets. An indispensable item for shooting in spring.”Many photographers talk about being out in the field when on a shoot, but Mizutani takes that term quite literally, as he is currently working on a big project involving flowers. That’s all we know for now, but stay tuned to and our social channels to get a first look at his new work.

Make sure to check out the photos below and click here for his Visual Q&A from earlier this year.  

COOPH Yoshinori Mizutani 002
COOPH Yoshinori Mizutani 004
COOPH Yoshinori Mizutani 008

Written by Richard Bos