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Introducing the COOPH Elements Hat by Mühlbauer


If there’s one area where COOPH excels, it’s the way in which we combine style with comfort and functionality. The COOPH Elements Hat By Mühlbauer is a prime example of this. It has a rugged yet stylish look and is handmade out of Merino wool to provide extra warmth for those imminently approaching winter days.

It also comes with a flexible brim for free camera movement, so you’re able to shoot vertically whenever you need to. Conveniently, the broad sweatband prevents moisture and sweat from dripping, so the the wearer can stay completely focussed on their shot.

To ensure unbeatable quality, the hats are hand-produced in Vienna by Mühlbauer, an independent and world-renowned hat makers. Using traditional artisan methods, each hat has a unique and personal touch that stems from over 100 years of expertise as an independent and family run business. Want to know more? Just take a look at the tag and you’ll see exactly who made it!

To get your COOPH Elements Hat By Mühlbauer, head over to today. But be quick, winter is nearly here!

Written by Richard Bos