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Our Photographer Gloves are your best friend this winter


Even though temperatures are dropping, transforming landscapes and streets still draw all of us outside to shoot. With the COOPH Photography glove, the cold shouldn’t stop you anymore. The COOPH Photography gloves are ideally suited to both professional photographers and passionate smartphone snappers who often find themselves shooting in conditions ranging from chilly to down-­right freezing and come in two models; the ORIGINAL and the ULTIMATE

The ORIGINAL Photo Glove features uniquely cut seams as well as naked-­finger sensitivity to make micro camera adjustments on the fly. The special leather on the thumb and index fingers allow photographers to touch, tap, stroke, slide and pinch any camera’s displays and buttons with ease, including touch-­screen devices like smartphones and tablets. 
The ULTIMATE Photo Glove adds an extra layer of protection to icy digits by covering the fingers with a sheep leather flap with a primaloft lining and with magnets to hold it in place when open. The super-­warm mitt is designed for frigid weather, but offers full camera control with a handy thumb slit and a zip to release fingers.  

Head over to the COOPH Store now to get yours! 

*Until the 21st of November, you will receive a free Timber Wolf Pouch Beanie with each purchase of the COOPH Photo Glove

CO 141002 Apparel MS 7043

Unparalleled camera control with naked finger sensitivity

COOPH Gloves Original Light Brown 0050-1
COOPH Gloves Ultimate Light Brown fingers-2
COOPH Gloves Ultimate Light Brown opened

Written by Richard Bos