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Picture this Pocket!


Just in time for the summer months ahead, we bring you the COOPH Picture Pocket Tee, which is an excellent addition to your summer wardrobe! 

How many times have you scratched your sunglasses, smartphone or camera while trying to clean them while on the go? That is now in the past. Our Picture Pockets T-shirts feature a chest made of super soft microfibre cloth, ideal for cleaning your favorite shades or camera on the go. 

Our Picture Pocket T-shirts come in two colors, each with a different chest pocket photograph. Our CYANOTYPE T-shirt was inspired by the work of Anna Atkins and is perfect for those who want to showcase their love for the history of photography, while our ARCHITECTURE T-shirt brings iconic architecture front and centre with the famous Flatiron building as photographed by Alec Cutter.

Get ready for summer by heading over to the COOPH Store and getting your Picture Pocket T-shirt. 

COOPH Tshirt Pocket Tshirt LR 0035

The CYANOTYPE Pocket T-Shirt

COOPH Tshirt Pocket Tshirt LR 0036


COOPH Tshirt Pocket Tshirt LR 0110 1

Ideal for cleaning a camera lens

COOPH Tshirt Pocket Tshirt LR 0114 1

Or your favorite pair of shades

Written by Richard Bos