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Protect yourself (and your gear) from the elements!


Rain ruining your day of photo missions? Not anymore. The COOPH Rain Jacket is 100% waterproof, has a special elongated zipper and an extended hood which means quick access and cover for the camera in stormy conditions. Furthermore, elasticated cuffs and covered zippers provide convenience and comfort for shooters braving the bad weather.

The Rain Jacket also features zippers that provide quick access to your pant pockets as well as several inner pockets to store all the gear you might need on a photography outing. 

The Rain Jacket is available now, so head over to the COOPH Store and make sure to get yours before the fall sets in. 

COOPH Hoodie Original Raglan UG 0172-1

The extendable hood covers the camera and lens when shooting in stormy conditions

COOPH Hoodie Original Raglan UG 0220-1

The quick access zippers on the jacket guarantee access to all of your gear, while keeping it waterproof

cooph badweathershootingcape 0018

The Rain Jacket also features a big, inner practical pocket that can fit your favorite lens or carry your tablet

cooph badweathershootingcape 0028

Rain or shine, your pant pockets are always accessible

Written by Richard Bos