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Re-envisioning the ORIGINAL


The Hoodie ORIGINAL has become a staple in the closets of many photographers.

Featuring all of the classic functionality you’ve grown to love, such as the big lens pocket and the integrated microfiber lens cloth in the secret pocket, the Hoodie ORIGINAL Raglan introduces a number of new ones. 

The Hoodie ORIGINAL Raglan adds a brand new Face Mask for those moments when you just want to relax, regardless of whether you’re on a busy train, waiting for a plane or in the back of a taxi travelling to a different shoot.

The Raglan cut makes it slimmer and gives it a a cleaner look, guaranteeing maximum flexibility and mobility for when you’re out in the field shooting. 

The Hoodie ORIGINAL Raglan is available in three colors (Heather gray, Navy and Mud) and is available in the COOPH Store right now! 

COOPH Hoodie Original Raglan LR 0064

The zippered pockets are ideal for hiding your valuables

COOPH Hoodie Original Raglan LR 0209

Lens dirty? Not a problem. Just use our integrated microfibre lens cloth

COOPH Hoodie Original Raglan LR 0202

Trying to catch some zzz's while in between shoots? We've got you covered

We’ll let you in on a little secret; the Hoodie ORIGINAL Raglan is a great present for Father’s Day! 

Written by Richard Bos