Cooperative of Photography

A Concert of Birds


Paulette Tavormina is a New York-based artist, represented by Robert Mann Gallery. Paulette has been commissioned in the past by, National Geographic, and The New York Times. “A Concert of Birds,” the series, features flora and fauna reminiscent of 17th century Old Master paintings. She states about the work, “I’m in love with the old masters, totally fascinated with them. But I create my own personal story within each work. The themes are so universal — love, loss, death — so it is all pretty simple.”

Birds and Bees, 2018

Tavormina COOPH 001

Concert of Birds, 2018

Tavormina COOPH 002

Expectations, 2017

Tavormina COOPH 003

Anthony and Cleopatra, 2017

Tavormina COOPH 004

Zebra Finches and Tulips, 2017

Tavormina COOPH 005

Banquet, 2017

Tavormina COOPH 006

Written by Rowynn Dumont

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