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A Glimpse into French Youth Subculture


Photo: Raphaël Année

French photographer Raphaël Année regards his images as a tapestry of moments underlined by a nihilistic philosophy – the result is a fascinating exposé into youth subculture.  

Although many of his images are shot in Paris, Année doesn’t look to capture the ‘romance’ of the French capital: “Our world is changing, our world has already changed. We live in another world with different values and a different mindset. I’m just a witness of our era – I look to capture my vision of the world like a painting,” he says.  

“I could qualify my work between artist and reporter, a cocktail of James Natchwey and Erwin Blumenfeld (without claiming to say that I have the same talent). I’m a blend between the rhetoric and aesthetic!” says Année.

Enjoy a gallery of candid shots from the young French shooter:

raphaelannee cooph 10
raphaelannee cooph 10 2
raphaelannee cooph 11
raphaelannee cooph 12
raphaelannee cooph 2
raphaelannee cooph 5
raphaelannee cooph 5 2
raphaelannee cooph 6

Written by Matthew Rycroft

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