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A Little Bit of Fowl Play...


Benoit Delhomme is a french artist: a photographer, painter and a celebrated cinematographer working on international films. This series was shot in Buenos Aires in the district of Recoleta. 

Benoit says, “The birds exist but don't exist at the same time.” Benoit feels that a certain sense of emotion is conveyed in the birds, which is hard to show in human posture: “When I took the photos I felt the souls of the missing persons in these empty spaces so I later added the birds.”

Benoit Delhomme COOPH 01
Benoit Delhomme COOPH 02
Benoit Delhomme COOPH 03
Benoit Delhomme COOPH 04
Benoit Delhomme COOPH 05
Benoit Delhomme COOPH 06
Benoit Delhomme COOPH 07
Benoit Delhomme COOPH 08

Written by Rowynn Dumont

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