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A Splash of Colour


Jeremy Floto and Cassandra Warner are a duo that simply can’t stop being awesome. The pair form creative collective Floto+Warner and they recently produced a cool “Colourant” project which used environmentally-friendly water-based colors.  

f w Colourant IA 5559

We call the Colourants floating sculptural events. They are short-lived anomalies that pass you by at an imperceptible flash - fleeting moments that block and obscure the landscape, a momentary graffiti of air and space.  

That is sort of what we love about photography, its ability to take the transitory and make it permanent
,” says the duo. 

f w Colourant IA 5588
f w Colourant IA 5624
f w Colourant IA 5661
f w Colourant NV 1942
f w Colourant NV 3465
f w Colourant NV 3492
f w Colourant NV 3706

So how did Floto+Warner come about?
When Jeremy Floto and Cassandra Warner met it was love at first sight. Five months later they moved to NYC, hit the ground running, and never looked back! 

Do yourself a favour and visit their website & follow their journey on Instagram.

Written by Hannes Maier

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