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A Visual Poem to Motherhood


Maude Arsenault is a Canadian photographer and curator. Her work is geared towards the investigation of “woman in the context of domesticity and intimacy.” Her photo book titled, “Entangled,” explores models of feminity. As a woman, brought up in a progressive home, and now a mother herself, her thoughts gather around the concept of what represents a “future young woman.”

“Entangled” is Maude’s visual poem to adulthood, and how culture preserves the concept of motherhood. She states, “I feel often trapped in the person I have been trying to be my entire life. Now I stand, shaky but alive, looking away at my world as a female with the best possible hope.”

Maude’s work was published in Vogue Australia, Nylon, and LensCulture. For more information about “Entangled,” check out

Maude COOPH 001
Maude COOPH 002
Maude COOPH 003
Maude COOPH 004
Maude COOPH 005
Maude COOPH 006
Maude COOPH 007
Maude COOPH 008
Maude COOPH 009
Maude COOPH 010

Maude’s work can also be seen on her website here.

Written by Rowynn Dumont

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