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Noel Kerns is a nighttime photographer from Dallas, Texas, who specializes in capturing America’s abandoned places. He has spent the last 10 years traveling around to some of the most derelict locations in the country, photographing places such as old gas stations, motels, industrial sites and military buildings after dark.

“I find many older, abandoned buildings to be architecturally interesting, and the addition of light-painting adds an element of mystery and visual interest to the scenes”, Noel explains. “Combining those elements with the naturally surreal effects of long exposure photography, things like streaking clouds and star trails, generally winds up creating a compelling image."

COOPH Noel Kerns 01
COOPH Noel Kerns 02
COOPH Noel Kerns 03
COOPH Noel Kerns 04
COOPH Noel Kerns 05
COOPH Noel Kerns 06
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Written by Michael Griessler

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