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Abstract Landscapes


Dora Duan was born and raised in China. Later in life, she moved to San Francisco, where she attended The Academy of Art University. The series titled, “Abstract Landscapes,” particularly focuses on urban landscapes and the exploration of the abstract form. Dora states, “ As I always consider that the elements of architectural objects have a great deal of visual impact, and they translate the subject matter of the image into attributes of abstractive form in aesthetic aspects.” Dora has exhibited at PhotoPlace Gallery, Vermont and Blank Wall Gallery, Greece.

Dora Duan COOPH 001
Dora Duan COOPH 002
Dora Duan COOPH 003
Dora Duan COOPH 004
Dora Duan COOPH 005
Dora Duan COOPH 006
Dora Duan COOPH 007
Dora Duan COOPH 008

Written by Rowynn Dumont

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