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Abstract Minimalism


Based in Gijón, a coastal city in Northern Spain, photographer Garcia De Marina bought his first camera back in 2010. To his surprise, he quickly fell in love with the medium and began to develop a unique, photographic style of his own.

Placing different objects into abstract positions and using only natural light, his work is clean, precise and abstract with a minimalistic aesthetic that draws in the viewer. He explains: 

"I am inspired by observation and an attentiveness to the little things that surround me. I look at the small details that normally go unnoticed. I have read a lot about psychology and neuroscience, which helps me to achieve more complex discourses.”

COOPH Garcia De Marina 01
COOPH Garcia De Marina 02
COOPH Garcia De Marina 03
COOPH Garcia De Marina 04
COOPH Garcia De Marina 05
COOPH Garcia De Marina 06
COOPH Garcia De Marina 07

Garcia’s work has been exhibited in several different countries around the world. Want more? Check out his website, Facebook, Vimeo and Youtube.

Written by Fred Simmons

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