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Abstracts with Kim Keever


Kim Keever is a trained thermal engineer who has worked on various projects with NASA. Kim likes to conceptually combine his expertise in the scientific field and combine it with his childhood fantasies. This result in his image-making process creates stunning abstract photographs below.

Kim began taking pictures of model landscapes in the early 90s. By 1998 Kim began to fill large aquariums with water and would pour paint into them. This process took landscape photography to a new level. He states, “To my amazement, wonderful colors and random volumetric effects magically appeared. I truly enjoy this process for the wonderful new images I get in the tank every day.”

Keever COOPH 001
Keever COOPH 002
Keever COOPH 003
Keever COOPH 004
Keever COOPH 005
Keever COOPH 006
Keever COOPH 007
Keever COOPH 008

Check out Kim's website here.

Written by Rowynn Dumont

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