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Active Girls


As a personal project, COOPH master Leo Rosas recently shot a series of portraits entitled ‘Active Girls’. His intended message was to represent the feminine side of active and sporty lifestyles, juxtaposed against colored rectangles to symbolize a square-minded portion of society who believe that such lifestyles are only for men.

Influenced by sport and fashion illustrations, Leo focused on strong visuals with a commercial aesthetic. He achieved this using a contrasted light setup and a high-end postproduction workflow to enhance the model’s features for a crisp and attractive look. 

To see the process behind the shoot, check out his behind-the-scenes video on his Youtube channel. For more of Leo’s work, head over to his website, Instagram, Behance and Twitter.   

COOPH Leo Rosas 01
COOPH Leo Rosas 02
COOPH Leo Rosas 03
COOPH Leo Rosas 04
COOPH Leo Rosas 05
COOPH Leo Rosas 06
COOPH Leo Rosas 07
COOPH Leo Rosas 08

Written by Fred Simmons

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