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All Hail The Junkfood Queens


Photo: Tomaas

TOMAAS is a Paris based photographer specializing in the interplay of surrealism and realism. In this series “Junkfood Queen”, he glamorizes fast food by asking his models to wear junkfood packaging as crowns.

Tomaas COOPH 001
Tomaas COOPH 002
Tomaas COOPH 003
Tomaas COOPH 004
Tomaas COOPH 005
Tomaas COOPH 006
Tomaas COOPH 007
Tomaas COOPH 008

Catch up TOMAAS on his website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and LinkedIn.

Project Credits
Photographer: TOMAAS
Stylist: Carla Engler, Represented by Bryan Bantry Inc.
Stylist Assistant: Lauren Matina
Make Up Artist: Gregg Brockington,  Represented By Stockland Martel
Hair Stylist: Seiji Uehara
Model: Gintare Gintari @ Mc2 Models NYC

Written by Matthew Rycroft

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