Cooperative of Photography

American Ghoul


Photo: Daniel_Vazquez

"American Ghoul" is a series of photographs by the reclusive photographer Daniel Vazquez and his partner/wife, Amber Joy. The title is a surrealist play on words. Daniel and Amber's work is comically macabre, situated in the visceral realm of the occult, death, and mysticism.

Check out some of their work below in celebration of this Halloween…

Blackhorne Tree

DV COOPH 001, Daniel_Vazquez

Bodega Bay 2020

DV COOPH 002, Daniel_Vazquez

Burial Grounds Hands

DV COOPH 003, Daniel_Vazquez

Crystal Ball

DV COOPH 004, Daniel_Vazquez

Death Valley 2020

DV COOPH 005, Daniel_Vazquez

Fremont Peak Witch

DV COOPH 006, Daniel_Vazquez

Lightening Storm

DV COOPH 007, Daniel_Vazquez

Written by Rowynn Dumont

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