Cooperative of Photography

An Illuminated Exploration Of a Vivid Childhood Fantasy


London based photographer, Nick Rochowski, studied at the London College of Printing between 2000-2004. His artistic practice involves extensive explorative research and observations of historical changing landscapes, the built environment and staged interior spaces. The Liminal Points Project is a re-exploration of Penn Wood, Buckinghamshire, and a journey back to a vivid childhood fantasy. In order to create these pieces, Nick worked from dawn until dusk, creating a blend of natural and constructed lighting techniques in conjunction with elements from the landscape. Nick says about the project, “The experience is solitary, raw and elemental and reaches deep into the psyche.” 

COOPH Nick Rochowski 001
COOPH Nick Rochowski 002
COOPH Nick Rochowski 003
COOPH Nick Rochowski 007
COOPH Nick Rochowski 008
COOPH Nick Rochowski 009
COOPH Nick Rochowski 010
COOPH Nick Rochowski 011

The Liminal Points Project book is the result of three years work and artistic collaborations with illustrator Greg Haynes and music producer Deepsea. Limited edition copies of the book are presented in a hand made felt slip case and include a signed and numbered 9’’ x 12’’ book edition print.

The book is available here.
Limited edition prints available here.

Check out Nick's website, Instagram or Twitter. 

Written by Rowynn Dumont

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