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An Indonesian Wedding


Street and documentary photographer Sebastian Jacobitz comes from the German capital city of Berlin. Today however, he finds himself living over 11,000km away in a remote village in east Java, Indonesia.

When given the unique opportunity to photograph a traditional Indonesian wedding, Sebastian grabbed his camera and headed off on an all-terrain mission to witness the proceedings firsthand.

It was in a neighbouring village that he was able to document the isolated and dying traditions of the county’s rural marriage ceremonies. From the colourful and elegant costumes to the wild festivities, you can catch a glimpse of his experience through the images below.  

COOPH Sebastian Jacobitz 01
COOPH Sebastian Jacobitz 02
COOPH Sebastian Jacobitz 03
COOPH Sebastian Jacobitz 04
COOPH Sebastian Jacobitz 05
COOPH Sebastian Jacobitz 06
COOPH Sebastian Jacobitz 07
COOPH Sebastian Jacobitz 08

Written by Fred Simmons

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