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Photo: Matthias Jung

German artist Matthias Jung originally began a career in business economics but the profession always bothered him – ultimately he found himself drawn to graphic and began creating digital collages in 2007. Hailing from Verl, a village between Dortmund and Hanover in Northern Germany, it is clear that Matthias draws inspiration from medieval towns and he creates his collages from shooting a spectrum of photographs and creatively fusing them together in Photoshop. Enjoy a journey into an impossibly wonderful dream world...

Matthias Jung COOPH 001
Matthias Jung COOPH 002
Matthias Jung COOPH 003
Matthias Jung COOPH 004
Matthias Jung COOPH 005
Matthias Jung COOPH 006
Matthias Jung COOPH 007
Matthias Jung COOPH 008

Be sure to visit Matthias Jung's website.

Written by Matthew Rycroft

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