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Ballerine de l'air


Brad Walls, aka Bradscanvas, is an aerial photographer living in Sydney. His newest series is titled "ballerine de l'air" or Ballerina from the air. This work creates a unique perspective on the richness of ballet as an art form. Brad was inspired by a photograph by Olive Cotton called "Teacup ballet."

Brad states, "Most people had seen Ballet photographed traditionally... and while those photos are undeniably beautiful, I wanted to rewrite the composition, purely focusing on the unique shapes and shadows of the art form." Working with Montana Rubin of the Australian Ballet, Brad set to work shooting the images. Brad notates that many of the poses are traditional, and many were invented, particularly for these images.

Recently Brad was awarded First Prize in the Sports category and Runner up in people category at the inaugural 2020 Aerial Photography Awards in Paris, France, and placed as Runner-Up at the Drone Photo Art Awards 2020 in Siena, Italy.

Black Swan

Brad Walls COOPH 001


Brad Walls COOPH 002


Brad Walls COOPH 003

La Pose

Brad Walls COOPH 004

Le Partage

Brad Walls COOPH 005

Ombre Deux

Brad Walls COOPH 006

Ombre Trois

Brad Walls COOPH 007

Ombre Un

Brad Walls COOPH 008

Written by Rowynn Dumont

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