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Currently residing in Nashville, Tennessee, Christy Lee Rogers is a fine art photographer from Kailua, Hawaii. One wonders if growing up on an island has influenced her to take pictures in the manner in which she does. Christy photographs her models submerged in water at night time. Christy says about the process, “It can be dangerous at times because the water is unforgiving; it seeps in the nostrils, it’s cold and has a life of it’s own. You move where it wants you to move, and the fabrics dance at their own pace.”

Delight in the drama of light and shadow in Christy Lee Roger’s underwater wonderland...

COOPH Christy Rogers 001

The Play of Angels 

COOPH Christy Rogers 002

Venus Rising 

COOPH Christy Rogers 003

Wind Earth and Fire 

COOPH Christy Rogers 004

Upon the Cheek of Night 

COOPH Christy Rogers 005

The Conception of Light 

COOPH Christy Rogers 006

Island of Serenity 

COOPH Christy Rogers 007

If the World Earth Could Speak

COOPH Christy Rogers 008

From the Light of Two Moons 

Written by Rowynn Dumont

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