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Between Intervals


In 2013, fine art photographer Maren Klemp from Oslo, Norway, was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Living with a mental illness can make life acutely complex, and this is what led Maren to document her relationship with the condition. She explains: 

"My creative process starts with an idea of a story I want to tell and I ask myself what kind of props, wardrobe and location I want to use in order to tell the story. The pictures are about those who are gripped by darkness, isolation and sadness, and about relationships with close family. They talk about the lack of belonging; to live in a separate world that few or no others can enter or understand. It's about the fog that comes creeping, which overpowers and paralyses; the invisible disease."

Maren Klemp COOPH 01
Maren Klemp COOPH 02
Maren Klemp COOPH 03
Maren Klemp COOPH 04
Maren Klemp COOPH 05
Maren Klemp COOPH 06
Maren Klemp COOPH 07
Maren Klemp COOPH 08

Written by Fred Simmons

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