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Bold, metaphysical, and clean. These are some of the words that come to mind when looking at Augusto de Luca’s extensive photography portfolio. Born in Naples in the fifties, De Luca first graduated in Law in the seventies before pulling a complete one-eighty to devote his life to photography. His style has been highly revered by critics for its high emphasis on contrast and clean deliberate lines. 

De Luca, who uses a lot of black and white, has exhibited his work internationally for the past five decades. Still he is very much regarded as a national photographer in Italy and his book Roma Nostra won him the Premio Città di Roma in 1996. De Luca’s exhibitions have been attended by presidents and high ranking government officials alike and have a truly iconic value.

COOPH Augusto De Luca 01
COOPH Augusto De Luca 02
COOPH Augusto De Luca 03
COOPH Augusto De Luca 04
COOPH Augusto De Luca 05
COOPH Augusto De Luca 06
COOPH Augusto De Luca 07
COOPH Augusto De Luca 08

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Written by Fred Simmons

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