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Black and White


Dika Yudha Rio Pamungkas is a landscape and fine art photographer from Kediri, Indonesia. He was first introduced to cameras by his brother back in 2007. By 2010, he held his first exhibition at a local shopping centre and has gone from strength to strength since then. 

In more recent years, his work has been exhibited across Europe and Asia and he has refined his skill set to focus particularly on black and white photography. In the near future, he plans do a photo series on lesser-known tourist spots around the world. He explains; “my aim is to inspire tourists to enjoy the view, but also to encourage them to preserve nature.”

COOPH Dika Pamungkas 01
COOPH Dika Pamungkas 02
COOPH Dika Pamungkas 03
COOPH Dika Pamungkas 04
COOPH Dika Pamungkas 05
COOPH Dika Pamungkas 06
COOPH Dika Pamungkas 07
COOPH Dika Pamungkas 08

Written by Fred Simmons

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