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Capturing light in the darkness


Khadija Bhuiyan is a photographer and DJ based in New York City. Her focus in photography, stems from her love of music. Her portraiture features musicians and artists utilizing both analog and digital formats. Khadija has worked with ULTRA Records, Billboard and Art Basel.

Khadija Bhuiyan COOPH 001

Portrait of playwright, actress, and friend posing with photos of two women who make her feel powerful. Shot for a photo e-book coming out soon called “The Future is Nasty”.

Khadija Bhuiyan COOPH 002

Helen Marnie of Ladytron post-processed with both warm and cool tones to portray a fairy tale-like feel.

Khadija Bhuiyan COOPH 003

Live photo of Gesaffelstein lighting his cigarette.

Khadija Bhuiyan COOPH 004

Giorgio Moroder, the godfather of disco. A privilege and honor to capture.

Khadija Bhuiyan COOPH 007

Live photo of Peter Murphy of Bauhaus, accentuating his icy blue eyes.

Khadija Bhuiyan COOPH 008

Portrait showing deep emotion when asked, “What makes you feel powerful?” 

Khadija Bhuiyan COOPH 011

Portrait of a troubled, beautiful woman. 

Khadija Bhuiyan COOPH 012

Æon Rings performing in Leipzig, Germany, a highlight of his career.

Written by Rowynn Dumont

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