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Capturing the Essence of Yin & Yang


Dallas-based photographer Esther Huynh typically captures beautifully minimalistic and clean images. Incorporating defined lines, sharp angles and a human element in her work, Esther also takes care to ensure there are no distracting objects or elements in her images: “I like to think that when a human element is added we create a sense of mystery or chaos to the frame; and when juxtaposed with strong aspects in design, the photos create balance and stability. I guess in summary, it's more or less a yin and yang kind of thing,” says Esther. Enjoy some shots below…  

Esther Huynh COOPH 001
Esther Huynh COOPH 002
Esther Huynh COOPH 003
Esther Huynh COOPH 004
Esther Huynh COOPH 005
Esther Huynh COOPH 006
Esther Huynh COOPH 007
Esther Huynh COOPH 008

Written by Matthew Rycroft

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