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Filipa Domingues is a producer and photographer. Her work has been featured in National Geographic Magazine and on CNN Inside Africa “Through the lens.” Also, she has been showcased in Business Insider’s Top 10 iPhone photographers and Conde Nast.

She states,“I’m lucky to live in South Africa where we have the craziest weirdest plants, from succulents to fynbos. I just love how weird and fascinating nature can be. A lot of plants like succulents have a prehistoric look and vibe to them, and it really just blows my mind. A plant you see today has adapted and evolved over millions of years in order to survive extreme conditions. Often the weirdest ‘ugliest’ plants have the most extraordinary beautiful flowers.”

She says that her project began as an accident. She started to collect succulents several years ago, without any prior knowledge of them. She started the Instagram account, “Check My Plants,” to learn more about her plants. Since then, her project has evolved and become more specific. She has a few projects currently in the works. One of them is focused on photographing plants that are going extinct in Cape Town. Another photographing the Quiver Trees (Aloidendron dichotomum), which were also featured in Ridley Scotts TV series, “Raised by wolves.”

Check out Filipa’s work below…

Aloe Cosmosa

A  Domingues COOPH 001

Aloe Ferrox

A  Domingues COOPH 002

Aloe Lemondrops with a Malachite Sunbird

A  Domingues COOPH 003

Aloidendron dichotomy aka Quiver tree

A  Domingues COOPH 004

Aloidendron dichotomy aka Quiver tree

A  Domingues COOPH 005

Aloidendron dichotomy in flower aka Quiver tree

A  Domingues COOPH 006

Madiba King Protea

A  Domingues COOPH 007

Written by Rowynn Dumont

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