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COOPH Celebrates World Book Day 2018


Photographers are visual thinkers, which is why photo books have remained relevant in the digital era. To celebrate World Book Day 2018, COOPH is excited to share with you our five favourite photo books that will make you laugh, cry and feel inspired; or all three at once!    


‘Magnum Contact Sheets’ edited by Kristen Lubben, compiles some of the most recognized images of the 20th century. Shot by 69 different Magnum photographers, the photos are accompanied by unique insights and materials to reveal the creative processes behind them.


‘India Unposed’ by COOPH master Craig Semetko is a black and white series of authentic, natural moments captured during his travels. Craig’s visual signature is consistently present throughout the book and displays the unique way in which he looks at his surroundings.


'The American Wilderness' by Ansel Adams is a collection of majestic landscapes shot in some of the most remote corners of the states. His works serves as a reminder of the true beauty and fragility of the environment in which we live - and he’s also a personal favorite of COOPH’s very own founder Ulrich Grill!


'Africa' by Brazilian photographer Sebastiâo Salgado is a stunning collection of black and white photography from his time in Africa. From dark, political themes, to lifestyle, landscapes and nature, his work documents some of the continent’s most beautiful and painful moments.

before they pass away

‘Before They Pass Away’ by Jimmy Nelson, documents the tribal cultures of communities who remain untouched by modernisation and the western world. From powerful portraits to incredible landscapes, the book offers a rare glimpse into a hidden way of life. Want to learn more about Jimmy’s process? Check out this video we filmed with him! 

Written by Fred Simmons

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