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COOPH Goes On Safari


Photo: Lewis Freeth

English photographer Lewis Freeth recently went on a trip to South Africa, the prize for winning a photo contest run by The Guardian. Kitted out in COOPH gear, Lewis went on safari in style and shot up a storm. Interestingly, Lewis is a street photographer by trade, and this was his first time shooting wildlife photography – but for a first time, he totally nailed it. Check out some of his shots below... 

Lewis Freeth COOPH 001
Lewis Freeth COOPH 002
Lewis Freeth COOPH 003
Lewis Freeth COOPH 004
Lewis Freeth COOPH 005
Lewis Freeth COOPH 006
Lewis Freeth COOPH 007
COOPH Lewis Freeth  3182
COOPH Lewis Freeth  4570
COOPH Lewis Freeth 3311
Lewis Freeth COOPH 008

Written by Matthew Rycroft

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