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COOPH unveils new apparel range


Okay, we’ve got some big news from photokina:
COOPH has launched its own range of photography apparel!

Frustrated at the lack of stylish yet functional photography clothing & accessories – we decided it was time somebody did something... So we’ve embarked on this exciting new project and are working on creating apparel that is both practical and fashionable.

For example, COOPH apparel will include tshirts with lens cap pockets, winter gloves that give you full control of your camera, a rain jacket with a camera zipper for super quick access to your gear... and much much more! We’ll be opening an online store in the near future, so we’ll have more info on that soon. 

We’re super stoked to start this new project in addition to our online mag, so stay tuned for more info in the near future and thanks for all your support!

Written by Ulrich Grill

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