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COOPH Video Questions: Markus Berger


Our last video has resulted in a bunch of questions, so photographer Markus Berger replies to the main ones:

What camera is that? 
It’s the sweet new Leica T. You can find more info on the camera here.

Where can I find a tubelight like that?
You can pick one up at most hardware stores, or walmart style stores. If you search 'flourescent circular light' on Amazon, you’ll find a load.

What brand of tubelight did you use?
I am based in Austria, so I found this one called the “StarLicht Rondine 40W" on German Amazon. 

How did you rig it up? 
The tube light is made to be mounted on a wall. It comes in a plastic case, which you need to unclip. Then it’s just a matter of adding a plug... I also added black tape around the connecting part (where the wires feed in) so it’s safer and better for holding. The following pics should give you a good idea! 

COOPH tubelight
COOPH tubelight2

What app did you use for the tablet?
The app is simply called 'Light Paint' – but if you search 'lightpaint' on the App store, there are a ton of apps like this that offer different effects. I would suggest browsing around and seeing what will work for you. Below is another shot taken with the app, and you can see a different effect!

MB lightpainting

My question is not answered here! Where can I get hold of you?
You guys can contact me on my Facebook page, or on COOPH’s Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram! Thanks to all for your interest and support!

Written by Matthew Rycroft

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