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Crossing Boundaries


Bart Pogoda’s photographic works create a visual narrative within a growing global community. Based in Warsaw, Bart is a professional director of photography, with a love for travel. Bart crosses boundaries tapping into the textures of reality, within the intimate moments found in both landscapes and urban environments alike. Previously featured on CNN Traveller, Dynamo Film and H&M, Bart breaches the barriers between the commercial and fine art. 

We asked Bart to give us the scoop on some of his favorite selections in this PROFOLIO…

Bart Pogoda COOPH001
Bart Pogoda COOPH002
Bart Pogoda COOPH003
Bart Pogoda COOPH004
Bart Pogoda COOPH005
Bart Pogoda COOPH006
Bart Pogoda COOPH007
Bart Pogoda COOPH008
Bart Pogoda COOPH009
Bart Pogoda COOPH010

Written by Rowynn Dumont

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