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Cruising in Cuba


Street photography duo Dom and Liam Shaw – a sister and brother pair that makes up York Place Studios recently shot their visit to Havana, Cuba with their new Fuji X-Pro-2. The duo were lucky to coincide with the first visit of a sitting U.S. President to the city in 90 years and the results were simply stunning. 

“The people of Cuba are extraordinary. Many live with little but are proud of what they have and in the often hostile world of the street photographer we were privileged to be welcomed so warmly and openly into their lives and even into their homes. In a city filled with extraordinary architecture, streets lined with classic 40’s and 50’s cars and an air of faded opulence and a forgotten time, we quickly realised that Havana is not about any of these things, it is about its citizens,”
says the pair.

Enjoy the series below...

COOPH Dom Liam Shaw 001
COOPH Dom Liam Shaw 002
COOPH Dom Liam Shaw 003
COOPH Dom Liam Shaw 004
COOPH Dom Liam Shaw 005
COOPH Dom Liam Shaw 006
COOPH Dom Liam Shaw 007
COOPH Dom Liam Shaw 008

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Written by Matthew Rycroft

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