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Cruising the B&W Streets of Havana


Photo: Patrick Ems

Photographer Patrick Ems recently unveiled an beautifully moody photo series shot in Cuba called “Streets of Havana”.

Streets of Havana has been going around my mind for a while. I finally got the chance in early 2015 to realize this long-desired street photography project, riding around Cuba's capital capturing its unique feeling, a mixture of tropical savoir-vivre and political isolation.
 Pursued by uncertainty, excitement and envy, every moment revealed new emotions, slowly but constantly followed by a growing fascination!” says Patrick.

1 COOPH Patrick Ems
2 COOPH Patrick Ems
3 COOPH Patrick Ems
4 COOPH Patrick Ems
5 COOPH Patrick Ems
6 COOPH Patrick Ems
7 COOPH Patrick Ems

Written by Matthew Rycroft

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