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Dark Is Divine: Naresh Nil


Photo: Naresh Nil

Naresh Nil is very passionate about his photography. He states, "It has been a huge influence on me and has shaped my way of perceiving things…A photograph in itself is incredible, it is a frozen moment and it has the power of bringing back memories, something which struck me while looking at an old photograph of my grandfather which I found in the house one day. I started scouring the magazines and web pages for pictures, observed photographers, how they worked in various scenarios. Yet, I felt that photographs that spoke to me the most were the ones with people in them. That fueled my love for location portraits and people photography in general." Naresh experiments with various cameras. His favorite, by far, is his Canon 50D.

Naresh created a series titled, "Dark Is Divine." We asked him to explain the series to us a bit. The work is a photographic recreation of, "Gods we revere as dark-skinned, this initiative aims to celebrate a different view of their divinity, serenity and all-pervasive beauty by going beyond perceptions of 'fair' being equal to 'pure.' Dark is not just beautiful, but divine."

Divine COOPH 001

Goddess Lakshmi

Divine COOPH 002

Goddess Saraswathi

Divine COOPH 003

Goddess Durga

Divine COOPH 004

Lord Shiva

Divine COOPH 005

Lord Krishna

Divine COOPH 006

Lord Murugan

Divine COOPH 007

Devi Seetha Lava Kushan



Written by Rowynn Dumont

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