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Project Astoria is Todd Baxter’s ongoing series exploring the coming of age and transcendence. The project is directly inspired by Pablo Picasso’s Rose Period. The photographs create a platform of a society on another planet, discovered hidden within our Sun’s system by an amateur astronomer in Astoria, Illinois in the 1920’s. The moons which encircle the planet, are named after the astronomer’s daughters and are colonized in the 1970’s. Todd says, “The images follow the moons’ immigrants as they explore, adapt and create a new life in their strange new worlds moving between the surreal feeling of a fairy tale and something more comfortable and somewhat mundane.”

Todd currently lives and works in Los Angeles. 

COOPH Todd Baxter 001
COOPH Todd Baxter 002
COOPH Todd Baxter 003
COOPH Todd Baxter 004
COOPH Todd Baxter 005
COOPH Todd Baxter 006
COOPH Todd Baxter 007
COOPH Todd Baxter 008
COOPH Todd Baxter 009
COOPH Todd Baxter 010

Written by Rowynn Dumont

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