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Early Sunday Morning


One of the best pieces of advice in photography is to get up early.  Photographer Julien Coquentin worked at night in the ER of a big hospital and when he left the hospital early in the morning, he began shooting the city. The awesome results convey an atmospheric solitude only the morning can bring. 

“Today the sharpest sensations that remain in my memory, are probably the ones I felt during early winter mornings, when was ending my night job. I left the hospital, impregnated with the smell and the mood of others, the icy cold outside had killed any perfume. I remember the empty and white boulevards, and a snow falling gently, silently,”
says Coquentin.

Julien Coquentin COOPH 001
Julien Coquentin COOPH 002
Julien Coquentin COOPH 003
Julien Coquentin COOPH 004
Julien Coquentin COOPH 005
Julien Coquentin COOPH 006
Julien Coquentin COOPH 007
Julien Coquentin COOPH 008

Written by Matthew Rycroft

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