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Photographer Alessio Forlano graduated in Architecture from Genoa in 2004. His professional experience helps him to use images as a tool for representation and personal interpretations of reality.

He explains; “Architecture and photography, although seemingly independent of one another, are closely connected by the elements by which both are self-reinforcing: the space, lighting, time and measurements.”

His works tackle a fascinating question: can the photography of architecture be an opportunity for artistic expression, or does it always produce an objective representation of reality? Decide for yourself:

COOPH Alessio Forlano 01
COOPH Alessio Forlano 02
COOPH Alessio Forlano 03
COOPH Alessio Forlano 04
COOPH Alessio Forlano 05
COOPH Alessio Forlano 06
COOPH Alessio Forlano 07
COOPH Alessio Forlano 08

Written by Michael Griessler

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