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Tami Bone is a photographer from Austin, Texas. Her photography is directly inspired by growing up in South Texas. As an adopted child, Tami always wanted to recreate an unseeable world. Come and embrace the curiosity of Tami’s vision, in this “Profolio” of her work….

Tami Bone 001


Growing up I felt a visceral connection to the natural world.

Tami Bone 002

Wonder World

The narrative of wonder was ever-present. Absolutely everything was filtered through a lens of wonder, and mystery was at the core of my being.

Tami Bone 003

Navidad Creek

I remember a ghost story told by my best friend’s big sister, about a young girl who ventured into a creek, meeting a terrible fate. In my version the girl is a survivor and a heroine.

Tami Bone 004

Imaginary Friends

I had only one imaginary friend when I was very little. Now I have many.

Tami Bone 005

Girl in the Moon

So many nights I peered out my window, searching for the man in the moon. Nowadays I realize it was me I was looking for all along.

Tami Bone 006


Can we ever really see the unseeable and know the unknowable? I hope so.

Tami Bone 007

Fish Story

Storytelling is potent.

Tami Bone 008


And in the story of Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, this is how I imagined her; strong, ethereal and sure of her path.

Tami Bone 009


Some seek powers outside of themselves, but not the rabbit.

Tami Bone 010

The Big Dipper

And at the end of the day, I surely do believe in a friendly universe.

Check out more of Tami's work on her website. 

Written by Rowynn Dumont

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