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Eternal Faces


“Photography has the power to change the perception of life and surprise people with something they don’t usually see, and sometimes they don’t have any idea existed…” Imed Kolli is a photography student at The Academy of Art University in San Francisco. His series titled, “Eternal Faces,” is an attempt to capture the connections and impressions in humanity. He states, “What I do is photograph emotion, but what interests me most is developing a personal relationship (with the subject)…My inspiration came from the people who have experienced the bitterness and roughness of this world."

Imed Kolli COOPH 001
Imed Kolli COOPH 002
Imed Kolli COOPH 003
Imed Kolli COOPH 004
Imed Kolli COOPH 005
Imed Kolli COOPH 006
Imed Kolli COOPH 007
Imed Kolli COOPH 008

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Written by Rowynn Dumont

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