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Ethereal Landscapes


Chris Frank is an accountant and family man from Zurich, Switzerland, who first discovered photography as a teenager. Following the digital revolution, Chris retired his Minolta X-700 camera and quickly developed a passion for post processing and image retouching.   

Dedicating his weekends to exploring the countryside with his family and camera, Chris finds photography as welcome escape from working life. Combining his picturesque landscape images with an added touch of surrealism, his photos possess a uniquely ethereal style of their own.

As a self-taught retoucher, he learns most of his post processing skills from Youtube. He explains; “I don’t attach too much importance to creating realistic pictures… maybe I have played too many computer games!”

COOPH Chirs Frank 01
COOPH Chirs Frank 02
COOPH Chirs Frank 03
COOPH Chirs Frank 04
COOPH Chirs Frank 05
COOPH Chirs Frank 06
COOPH Chirs Frank 07
COOPH Chirs Frank 08

Written by Fred Simmons

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